Fishing Report 11/16/19

The Toccoa Tailwater is fishing well! This time of year, I like to focus on subsurface presentations, but we've been seeing some smaller caddis and Blue Winged Olives, so bring along some dry flies with you. Bigger, size 6-10 Pat's Rubber legs and stonefly patterns, BWO Nymphs like smaller pheasant tails, split case BWOs, and Galloup's baetis, caddis patterns, and red, black, and cream midges will cover your natural patterns. Have some flashier patterns like lightning bugs and rainbow warriors as well. If you aren't catching fish, chances are you need to adjust your depth - change your depth with your strike indicator and split shot any time there is a depth change on the bottom! The

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Hatch Outdoors: Float and Fly for tough winter Bass

If you're like us, summer fishing just isn't enough, but chasing bass through the winter months can be daunting with a fly rod. We're always trying new systems and techniques to entice those tough-to-feed cold weather spotted bass. Check out this video from our friends at Hatch Outdoors and Captain Chuck Ragan on rigging and using a float and fly system for the fly rod and hang on! Link to Hatch Outdoors and full post here!  

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Fishing Report 11/8/2019

The Toccoa Tailwater is fishing well and will continue to fish well into the winter. We've been seeing better water temperatures and received some much-needed rain in the last couple of days. Some of our guides have been seeing caddis coming off on the river in the evenings and the streamer bite should be picking up as we move closer to the end of the month. I would have a decent variety of flies if I were to hit the tailwater: Blue Winged Olive and Caddis (dries, split case BWO, Holy Grails, Thrift Shop Caddis), bigger stonefly imitations like size 6-8 Pat's Rubber legs, wooly buggers, Y2K's, and typical naturals (pheasant tail/hare's ear variants). Flashy nymphs like

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Georgia’s Delayed Harvest Part 1

Delayed Harvest season is upon us! For those of you that are unfamiliar with this term, Delayed Harvest (or DH for short) is a designation given to portions of rivers and streams that are stocked heavily from November through May. These portions of water are regulated for catch and release, artificial only, one "dropper" fly only (you can only have two flies on at a time), and single hook only. What this means: fantastic opportunity for fly fishermen: for beginners, early parts of the delayed harvest provide a good place to hone your skills and learn how fish work, as freshly stocked fish are typically not the most well educated. As the season goes on, these

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Fishing Report 11/2/19

The Toccoa Tailwater is still a little off color downstream from the creeks running in, but not unfishable; Tammen park and the dam are clear. I would focus on subsurface presentations: stonefly nymphs (Pat's RL, Double Bead Stone), Caddis larva/pupae (Holy Grails, Thrift Shop Caddis), and other general imitations (Hare's Ear, Prince, Pheasant tails). Don't forget standard tailwater junk like egg patterns, worm patterns, and flashy bugs like lighting bugs and rainbow warriors. Streamers will also produce a bigger bite, so bring along some mini dungeons, jawbreakers, and laser legals etc. The Toccoa Delayed Harvest is currently high and muddy, but should be fishable by the beginning of next week if rain holds off. Keep in mind

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Fishing Report 10/25/19

The Toccoa Tailwater is going to be fishing very good very soon. Turnover water has passed, water has cleared at the dam, and water temperatures are dropping to conducive levels. We've received a good bit of rain this week, so the river may blow out this weekend, but we're welcoming it this time. If you do go fish the tailwater, I would recommend throwing bigger nymphs imitating stoneflies and streamers in the dirtier water. Pat's Rubber Legs, Double Bead Stones, and Rubber Legged Stones in addition to wooly buggers, purple and blue batman nymphs, and purple wire stones will all produce. For streamers, we just received a fresh shipment of both of Galloup's Mini and Standard sized

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