Holiday Gift Guide 2020

It can be hard to shop for fly fishermen and outdoorsmen on your own! It might seem like we've got it all, but here's a list of the good stuff for the angler in your life: Thomas and Thomas Zone Fly Rods: Made in Greenfield, Massachusetts, the Zone series of rods are a mid-tier fly rod with top-tier performance. We've been using these rods as both guide rods and for our personal use from everything trout to big striper. We carry a range of rod lengths and weights in the shop well suited for any style of fishing, from tight-line nymping to streamer fishing and saltwater. Thomas and Thomas Contact 2 Technical Nymphing Rods: Tightline and

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Field Staff Report: Maine Striper

Notes From The Field July 25, 2020. Friendship, Maine The fog was barely lifting as we pushed away from the wharf. Doug knows where the Stripers are likely to be, so we cruise through the gut between Long and Garrison islands, past a pair of juvenile bald eagles to where the river spills into the bay. The early morning silence is broken by the beautiful sound of the Loon's call and by the shushing sound of a seal pushing bait up from the deep. The birds are starting to work, we're in the right place. I start peeling line off my trusty 9wt Nautilus NV-G reel and begin casting. We're on the edge of a weed

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Fishing Report: September 11th, 2020

The Etowah River is fishing well right now, especially on top! Cooler nights and mornings are making things start to feel like fall,  and the fish are fired up. The river is a little off color coming out of the dam, but don't let that deter you from fishing. I would take a 9foot 7 weight rigged with a 0x Powerflex Leader and Floating Fly line. For flies, Boogle Bugs seem to be the ticket right now, but other flies like gurglers, wiggle minnows, and diving frog patterns will work well. If the topwater bite slows down, try baitfish patterns in the 2-3.5inch range imitating shad: clouser minnows, lunch $'s, small deceivers, etc. Crawfish patterns fished slowly

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Fishing Report: September 4th, 2020

It's Labor Day weekend, so be prepared to see lots of other people on the water this long weekend. We're starting to get some fall shipments in the shop, so come by and check out the new stuff if you're in town fishing! We're also taking orders on a couple new rods from some of our favorite companies - the new Scott Centric, which is replacing the Radian, and the new Thomas and Thomas Contact II Euro Rod. Call us at the shop for details. The Etowah River is fishing well when weather and generation permits. Popper fishing on the river is on fire right now! Rig up your favorite 5-7 weight with a floating, tropical core

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Fishing Report: August 27th, 2020

If you’re coming to Blue Ridge to do some trout fishing, know that your options are going to be limited through September! The Toccoa Tailwater and Small Streams higher in elevation are some of the only refuges we have with good water conditions right now. The good news: river and creek bass fishing  is fantastic! Georgia is full of bass creeks and streams that are closer to home than many realize. Break out the 4-6 weights, a box of boogle bugs or your favorite terrestrial trout patterns, and give these fish a shot. We're also booking fall trips right now. October through December are some of our favorite months to chase trout here in the mountains,

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Field Staff: Scott Thompson

Join us in welcoming our new Field Staff member, Scott Thompson! "In my 20's, the decision of what adventure to embark on was narrowed down to Colorado or culinary school. Moving to Colorado won. As much as I love cooking, my passion for the outdoors was even stronger. I moved out to Vail in the fall of 1992, not realizing at the time that the course of my life would be changed forever. Backpacking, climbing, and skiing had long been pursuits I was passionate about, but it wasn't until I took a job at a guest ranch that offered fly fishing pack trips that my love for fishing really took off. Being in the heart of

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