Fishing Report 6/27/19

The Etowah River should fish well this weekend. The water is still a good color despite this week's rain, and the 7 day forecast is showing very little precipitation. I would probably bring a 5 or 6 weight rigged for spotted bass (Boogle Bugs, Cohen's Jiggy Craw, Tequeely's) and a 9 weight with intermediate or full sinking tropical fly line for the striped bass. Larger baitfish patterns like Kinky Muddlers, Cruiser Shad, and Flashtail whistlers. We just got a shipment some fresh striper and bass flies in stock; come by and see what's new. Sometimes throwing something that the fish haven't seen can make a difference. It can also be beneficial to have flies of different

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Fishing Report 7/20/19

Etowah River: The popper bite for bass is on! Boogle Bugs in Olive, Yellow, Chartreuse, and Fire Frog will all produce well, but all of us at the shop have our own favorite color. Use heavier diameter 0x leaders to the fly to prevent line twist. I like to drop a fly off the back of my poppers - Large Pat's Rubber Legs, small crayfish patterns like Joe's Crayfish Jig, Carter's Rubber Legged Dragons, and small baitfish patterns imitating shad. Bass can also be caught on a variety of streamers imitating baitfish and creatures like crawfish. The Striper fishing has been good. 8, 9, and 10 weight rods rigged with Intermediate and Full Sinking Tropical core

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Sunglasses: Selecting the Right Frame and Lens

Walking into a store and seeing a large sunglass display can make things complicated. We carry both Smith Optics and Costa Del Mar Sunglasses in a variety of frames and lenses, and knowing which is right choice for what you're doing can be daunting, so I'll try to simplify things: Polarization: Any good fishing sunglasses should be polarized. Glare on the water makes it nearly impossible to see what's happening below the surface or to track a bobber/dry. Polarization cuts glare off the water. All the Smith and Costa Sunglasses we carry are polarized. Glass vs. Polycarbonate lenses: Glass lenses provide more clarity and scratch resistance while polycarbonate lenses are shatter resistant and noticeably lighter weight.

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Fishing Report 6/13/19

The Etowah River has been a little off color from the rains this past week but should be back to normal this weekend. If you're looking to bass fish, the popper bite should be good to great - I would probably throw an Olive or Chartreuse Boogle Bug first and then keep some Yellow and White Boogles on hand. Streamer fishing should also be very good. Big critter patterns imitating crawfish and sculpins (Craw and Tan colored Dungeons, TeQueely, Cohen's Jiggy Craw, etc.) will work. The old standby's imitating shad should also produce: Clouser Minnows, any Henry Cowen Pattern, Decievers, etc. With the Stripers in the river, I like to bass fish with bigger rods (7/8 weight)

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Fishing Report 6/7/2019

The Etowah River is fishing well - striped bass are beginning to show up in the river, so having a couple bigger rods like 9 weights rigged up with tropical-core sinking and floating lines is crucial. We like Scientific Angler's Sink 30 Warm for sinking line, as summer temperatures turn cold water lines to soup. Rig 15-30lb leaders, fluorocarbon being the preference for any subsurface presentation. Have an assortment of baitfish patterns like Cruiser Shad, Major Mullet/Bunker, Flashtail Whistlers, Kinky Muddlers, and Flashfire Mushies on hand. It also doesn't hurt to have a few boogle bugs and a 5-7 weight in the boat for the Spotted Bass. Check the generation schedule and don't forget water or

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Fishing Report 5/30/2019

The Etowah River is fishing well. The bass bite is fantastic right now - warmer water temperatures mean topwater fishing; boogle bugs with small crawfish (pat's rubber legs, Joe's crayfish jig) and baitfish droppers (small clousers) should work well. Gurglers, mouse, and frog patterns will also produce well. As far as streamers are concerned, bigger baitfish patterns like Blanton's Flashtail Whistler and Cowen's Coyote will work well. Bring lots of water and sunscreen! It's hotter than hell out there right now, and sun gear is crucial. We've always got a selection of sun hoodies and sunscreen in stock; check the generation schedule before you go out. Call us at the shop if you would like to get

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