Fishing Report October 10th, 2019

The Etowah River is starting to pick back up as the air and water cools. The popper bite should be very good for the next couple of weeks. I like to take a handful of boogle bugs and a 5 or 6 weight out and if the popper bite doesn't cooperate, I'll fish some streamer patterns imitating smaller shad like Clouser Minnows and Lunch Money's. You could also fishing some larger topwater flies like Pole Dancers, Flat Fred's, Swim Frogs, and Schmidterbugs on bigger 7 and 8 weights - these flies are a lot of fun to watch when they get eaten. The Toccoa Tailwater is still not quite to prime condition for the fall. Some

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Fishing Report October 3rd, 2019

The Etowah River is still hot. The switch should flip any day now - water temperatures should start to drop with the air temperature. When this happens, the  bass bite on the river should be very good. I recommend throwing topwater poppers and swim frogs early and late, and switching to streamers imitating shad like Clouser Minnows, Flashtail Whistlers, and Lunch $'s in shad or tan. I always have a selection of flies with varying actions and weights so I can adjust how and what part of the water column I am fishing in order to dial in what the fish like. The Toccoa Tailwater has been fishing well when conditions allow. Get out there early or late to

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Fishing Report Sept. 27, 2019

The Etowah River is fishing okay when conditions allow. Water temperatures out of the dam are peaking at 82 degrees. Keep an eye on the USGS gauges - if the temperature drops, we're going to be looking at some very good bass fishing in the river. If you're headed out there, get on the river early or late and bring rods rigged with different floating and sinking lines and a mixed bag of flies to cover your bases - boogle bugs, swim frogs, jigging streamers like clouser minnows and sparkle minnows, swimming flies like game changers. Being able to adjust and fish different parts of the water column with different actions will make or break a day

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Fishing Report September 19th, 2019

The Etowah River is hit or miss. We're seeing water temperatures in the low 80's coming out of the dam, so get out there early or late and throw some topwater for bass. I like boogle bugs, swim frogs, and pole dancers, but it's a dealer's choice out there. Watch the USGS page for the next couple of weeks for temperature change out of the dam. If it cools off a little, the fishing should really turn back on. The Toccoa Tailwater is in turnover, and the water temperatures have limited your fishing options. Get out there early or late if generation allows. We're catching fish still, but the fishing could be better. As soon as the

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Fishing Report 9/13/2019

The Etowah River is fishing well. We're targeting bass with topwater poppers and frog patterns in the mornings and evenings with success: boogle bugs, swim frogs/baitfish, crease flies, and pole dancers are all excellent choices. Streamers imitating baitfish also will work well throughout the day. We like basic shad imitators like Clouser minnows, Lunch Moneys, Flashtail Whistlers, and Major Sardines. Bring Sunscreen and water! The Toccoa Tailwater has been producing well when conditions allow. We're seeing the effects of turnover from the lake at the upper reaches of the river - Tammen Park is currently tea colored, but further downstream the color seems to be fading. Rainbow and Brown trout have been heavily stocked all summer and

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September 5th, 2019 Fishing Report

The Etowah is fishing well for bass, but striper fishing is pretty much done for the year. Target bass with topwater flies like boogle bugs and swim frogs early and late in the day. If you're willing to brave the midday heat, streamers imitating shad/baitfish will produce well: Clouser Minnows, Lunch Moneys, Flashtail Whistlers, Sparkle Minnows, etc. Bring lots of water and sunscreen! The Toccoa Tailwater is good when generation allows. If you have a thermometer, bring it along and keep an eye on the water temperatures especially on the access points further downstream. Keep in mind that trout need cool water and mishandling or playing a trout too long can result in mortality this time

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