Local Fishing Report 08/22/23

By Matt Morrison

Cohutta Fishing Co. – Blue Ridge

Toccoa Tailwater: As of right now, the temps below the dam are holding in at 60 degrees. There is a slight stain in the water coming from the dam as well, which means turn over is right around the corner. Curtis Switch is still at a fishable temp, but try not to fish at Horseshoe Bend. Temps down there on low water have been in the upper 60’s for a while now. The midday generations have been helping keep the whole river cool, but let’s give those fish lower down a break until we start seeing cooler temps. As we creep into the tail end of summer and start transitioning into fall, turnover occurs on the tailwater. Most of y’all know what that is, but for those who don’t. Turnover is when the Upper Toccoa and other tribs start cooling down, it starts cooling the surface of the lake down. This cooling of the upper layer wants to sink and mix with the lower levels of the lake and causes warmer water to come out of the dam. The two ways to tell if the river is in turnover is you will see warmer temps and see a rust colored stain in the water coming from the dam. Currently the river is still fishing good. The terrestrial bite is on so get out there before turnover comes in fully. Fish have been eager to eat beetles, ants, and hoppers. As far as our float trips, for experienced anglers we recommend a ¾ day float. Fishing terrestrials in the morning and switching over to streamers and bobber rigs when the highwater comes. Half days work as well still and we recommend those for beginners right now. Still fishing terrestrials in the morning and riding highwater to the take out. 


Upper Toccoa:  For trout, wait until DH season starts Nov 1st. But fishing bass poppers and streamers for some of the bass that make their way into the river can be a good way to change things up. 


Small Streams: In most small streams, you should be able to find some fishable water temps. A lot of the creeks lower down may have higher temps, but keep hiking or driving your way up and youll find cooler water and more than likely better fishing. Most wild trout streams, they’re keying into terrestials. Ants are one of my favorites, but beetles and smaller hoppers will bring fish up as well. For some of the stocked streams that are still cool, fishing a dry dropper rig with a hot spot or some flash has been working well.


Warmwater: Topwater for river bass has been hot lately. With a lot of bright sunny days, and creeks and rivers getting low and clear, fish are looking for shade under trees. All sorts of bugs fall out of these trees and the bass know it. Throwing Boogle Bugs, Mr. Wigglys, and Stealth Bombers are great top water flies for bass. Fish these flies on a dead drift with a twitch or a pop every few seconds. Striper fishing is starting to slow down as the fish make their way back to the lake. The river bass should stay consistent through October.



Hot Flies:

  • Fat Albert 
  • Donkey Kong Hopper 
  • Thunder Thighs Hopper 
  • Galloup’s Ant Acid
  • Stimulator
  • PMX
  • Sexy Walt’s Worm
  • Tungstone
  • Holy Grail
  • Boogle Bug
  • Mr. Wiggly
  • Stealth Bomber