Fly Tying Classes

All of our fly tying courses are catered to your skill level, so if you’re just getting started we can cover the basic skill set as well as technique for different materials and more. We encourage beginners to focus on these skills rather than patterns, as the advent of YouTube fly tying has opened the book on a fly pattern “recipe.” If you’re a more advanced tier or looking to learn saltwater or bass fly tying, we can also offer these courses on request. Fly Tying Classes are only available via booking and require two weeks’ notice. We also offer 10% off all fly tying materials purchased the same day of the class.

Fly Fishing 101

If you’re committed to learning to fly fish, this is the foundation from which you can build. We cover all of the basics as well as self-sufficiency skills like knot tying and casting so you can get out on the water and find success. As it stands, we offer these classes by booking and also have some dates available in the Summer and Fall – please give us at least two weeks’ notice.

2023 Class Schedule

  • March 18th

  • May 13th

  • July 15th

  • September 16th

  • October 21st

  • November 18th

All Fly Fishing 101 and Fly Tying classes are $125 per person, 6 people per class.

On the Water School

For those new to the sport that would like a more in-depth learning experience, sometimes a guide trip isn’t the best option – we offer schools that are both a combination between a guide trip and a Fly Fishing 101 Course. The school covers casting, knots, entomology, reading water, mending line, different methods of fly fishing, and everything else you need to know to be self-sufficient on the water! This is a private class unlike our beginner class and does not have a set schedule. These trips are 4 hours and $350 per person.

Call to Schedule – (706) 946-3044