For our annual staff trip this year, we closed the shop for a couple of days and loaded up Andy’s truck with rods and duffle bags and beer; Cartersville was in the rearview, boat in tow. To I-75, gas station fried chicken, I-16, then past the Chevron gas station/petting zoo, to Savannah and then the Golden Isles – we arrived at Captain Rob Aldridge’s house to rig up leaders and park Andy’s boat. 

The next day, we arrived at the marina at high tide. Twelve weights and heavy spinning rods were on the menu – hoping to coax a Silver King out of thousands of Pogies, we ran along the beaches of the barrier islands and were presented with some of the best views of untouched coastline that can be found along the east coast. Despite good conditions, putting flies and lures on the noses of these fish, and Rob working his tail off, the fish weren’t happy.

On Tuesday, the doppler radar looked grim. We pulled up, and Captain Greg Hildreth was waiting for us only to dispel our optimism. Rain was in the forecast from Jacksonville all the way to Charleston. On that note, our trip came to a close.

Although we couldn’t make the fish commit, the importance of having a good time hadn’t escaped us. Between a five person pool party at the Holiday Inn, countless beers, strange drink orders, blackened Mahi, brisket and ribs, and little rubber hands, not a single one of us left without a smile on our face. So next time you’re out on a trip and things just don’t come together, don’t let the fishing ruin your entire experience. 

Thanks again to Captain Rob Aldridge of Southeastern Anglers and to Captain Greg Hildreth (Hildreth Charters). If you find yourself in the St. Simon’s Island / Brunswick area, give these guys a shout. 

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