Local Fishing Report 07/15/23

By Matt Morrison

Cohutta Fishing Co. – Blue Ridge


Toccoa Tailwater: Temps on the tailwater are still staying cold. The water coming out of the dam is still staying at 56 degrees. As you go further down stream, the water temps start coming up with each creek that flows in. At Horseshoe Bend Park, temps are getting up to 66 mid-day before the generation comes in to cool it back down. So if you’re wade fishing stick to Tammen Park or Curtis Switch. Fishing in the mornings has still been great. Dry fly action on caddis, sulfurs, and yellow sallies has been working well first thing in the morning. Then transitioning to dry dropper rigs as the sun gets up and the fog clears. For your dry dropper rigs, throwing smaller chubbies with pheasant tail variations have been finding fish. After about 11am, the fishing has been turning off. High water float fishing has been good if you’re looking for bigger fish. If you want to learn highwater tactics for hunting down bigger sized fish now is the best time to learn. Give us a call at the shop to book your trip. (706)946-3044


Upper Toccoa: Temps on the Upper are too warm for trout right now. DH season will start back up in Nov.


Small Streams: Small Streams are your best friend with all of these Summer time storms. In a lot of these streams, the water can be getting pretty warm. Keep going up to find some cooler water and you should find some better fishing. When it comes to dry flies, yellow is king this time of year. PMX’s, Stimulators, and Parachute Sulfurs are great flies to start off with. If one of these summer storms passes through, try fishing a dry dropper rig and hang a smaller Pat’s from the dry.


Warmwater: Warm water species can be a great way to switch things up over the summer. Bass and Bluegill are eager to eat a fly and they’re easily accessible in rivers, creeks, and lakes. With trout fishing windows getting shorter, it can be good to give the trout a break. We are coming into some of our favorite summer time bass fishing. When bass will come up for topwater flies like poppers and terrestrials. Carp and Stripers can also be a fun alternative for some more experienced anglers. If you’re new to warm water fly fishing or want to hunt down some stripers, give us a call at the shop and get on the books! (706)946-3044


Hot Flies:

  • Flashback Pheasant Tail (sz16-18)
  • Jigged Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail (sz 16-18)
  • Frenchie (sz14-18)
  • Perdigon
  • Parachute Sulfur (sz14-16)
  • Red Copper John (sz16)
  • Pat’s Rubber Legs
  • Tungsten Pat’s Rubber Legs
  • Tungstone (sz12)
  • Yellow PMX (sz12-14)
  • Yellow Stimulator (sz12-14)
  • Boogle Bug
  • Mr. Wiggly