We are excited to announce the addition of Jason Davis to our guide staff! Jason specializes in Shoal Bass and will be guiding fly fishing trips for these river gems. Jason grew up in South Alabama and was a tournament bass angler in his formative years. Jason has also guided whitewater rafting trips, fly fishing trips with Glacier Anglers in West Glacier for West Slope Cutthroat Trout, and has been a professional touring musician.

Shoal Bass are one of Georgia’s many unique bass species and are only native to the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River Basin (ACF). These fish are aggressive, acrobatic, and behaviorally similar to trout in regards to the type of water they will hold – the appropriately named Shoal bass, and even larger specimen, will hold in fast current and shallow shoal complexes. Simply put, these are an extremely hard-fighting fish and perfect to target with fly tackle. On a typical trip, Shoal bass average 13-16 inches long but are not uncommonly caught at exceptional size, reaching 20+ inches in length. Jason is intimately familiar with these fish and approaches a trip with a mind to both showcase this unique species as well as to educate more anglers in the name of conservation.

We are currently booking shoal bass float trips through summer and into fall/winter! These trips are an hour and a half to two hour drive south of the Atlanta Area. A typical float trip for Shoal Bass can range from 6-8 hours out of a framed fishing raft due to the potential for low level whitewater rapids and shallow water. Expect to wade fish on occasion, so wet wading shoes or sandals without studs, quick drying clothing, and sun screen/clothing are a must have. We target these fish with 6-8 weight rods with both floating and sinking lines, heavy leader, and a selection of both baitfish, crawfish, and “critter” flies, but the guide will provide rod/reel and terminal tackle. Our season runs from February to December. Call us at the shop, (706) 946-3044,  or call Drew, Guide Service Manager: (770) 324-0626.