It can be hard to shop for fly fishermen and outdoorsmen on your own! It might seem like we’ve got it all, but here’s a list of the good stuff for the angler in your life:

  • Thomas and Thomas Zone Fly Rods: Made in Greenfield, Massachusetts, the Zone series of rods are a mid-tier fly rod with top-tier performance. We’ve been using these rods as both guide rods and for our personal use from everything trout to big striper. We carry a range of rod lengths and weights in the shop well suited for any style of fishing, from tight-line nymping to streamer fishing and saltwater.
  • Thomas and Thomas Contact 2 Technical Nymphing Rods: Tightline and Euro Style Nymphing are no longer a niche style of fishing, especially here in the mountains where those techniques excel. You will find no better rod suited for this style of fishing, but these rods aren’t a one trick pony: Dries and dry-dropper rigs can be fished effectively on these rods with the right leader set up.
  • Fly Tying 101 Class Certificate: Fly tying is a skill that will make anyone a better angler, but learning how to tie can be a little more difficult than youtube videos make it out to be – we offer beginner courses in the store! Call us at the shop and we can fill you in on scheduling and details! $100/person
  • Fishpond Packs, Vests, Bags, and Nets: From your favorite fishing bag to travel luggage for your next destination travel trip, fishpond makes it. All of our guides run fishpond hip and sling packs as well as their nets.
  • Sightline Provisions Bracelets: Awesome handmade bracelets with your favorite fish on the badge.
  • Cold Weather Gear: If you’re a crazed fly fisherman like us, you love the winter months of November-March. This stuff is essential for both safety and comfort
    • Simms’ Gore-Tex Waders – Made in Montana, and made from the best material available for breathability and dependability.
    • Simms’ Coldweather Pants – Fleece Lined with an adjustable cuff, perfect for both on and off the water!
    • Simms’ Base Layers
    • Orvis Pro Insulated Jacket – If you need the perfect mid-layer, check out this jacket! Primaloft Gold and Polartec Alpha insulation provides the perfect balance of breathability and warmth.
    • Orvis Ultralight Wading Jacket: Fair-weather fishermen need not to worry about this one – if you’re like us, you fish come hell or high water. A bombproof wading jacket isn’t just about comfort, its about safety, and when the air temperature hits 32 degrees with 2 inches of rain in the forecast, this is the jacket we take with us.

Specifically for the Lady Angler:

  • Simms Women’s Freestone Waders and Boots: The Freestone series of waders and boots are great mid-tier waders regardless of your skill level. The women’s version is cut specifically for women! If you’re looking for a gift for the lady angler, you can take confidence in knowing that cold and wet are two words that you don’t have to worry about by taking the step up from entry level waders.
  • Fishe Wader Belts: Wading belts are essential for safety, and these ones from Fishe add a pop of color to your wading gear

Stocking Stuffers:

  • Umpqua UPG LT Fly Boxes
  • Dr. Slick Crossfire Hemostats/Mitten Scissor Clamps
  • Literature:
    • Jimmy Jacobs’ Brook Trout in Dixie
    • James Buice’s The Southeast’s Best Fly Fishing
    • Henry Cowen’s Fly Fishing for Freshwater Striped Bass
    • Blane Chocklett’s Gamechanger: Tying Flies That Look and Swim Like the Real Thing
    • National Geographic Trails Illustrated Maps
    • Fishwater Maps Upper and Lower Toccoa Maps
  • Fishpond River Rat Wading Koozie
  • Cohutta Logo Coffee Mugs
  • Vedavoo Leader Wallets
  • Trouthunter Fluorocarbon Tippet

Holiday Specials:

We’re going to run a few promotions in the store starting on Black Friday on some great stuff like the Simms Headwater Pro Gore-Tex Waders, Simms G3 Tactical Wading Jackets (certain colors only), and more! We’ll also have promotions for a free fly line with premium rod purchases, free wader bags with wader/boot purchases, etc. These deals will only be available in store, and we’re running them until we’re out of stock on some items, so come by and check it out! Special orders on out of stock items will not count toward any promotion.