When we first heard about Rio’s Single Hand Spey line, we didn’t think much of it, assuming it was a line that filled a novelty space in our arsenal rather than being something that we would use on a regular basis, but we were gladly mistaken. This line does it all – loop control for perfect presentation while dry fly fishing, turning over heavy metal nymph rigs, and mends like you have a remote control in your hand. 

For those looking to throw bass poppers on your trout rig, this line will deliver large boogle bugs on a dinner plate at 30 yards. On your favorite creek rod, this line loads up at close range without feeling clunky. It will deliver a roll cast with the confidence that is needed when a single cast is the only cast to those spooky wild fish. And as advertised, this line will throw spey casts when you want to swing soft hackles at tailwater trout.

A line will only perform within the ability of the caster, so if you can’t quite get your rod to do what you want it to do, seek out casting instruction with us and practice! We carry a wide range of lines here at the shop, so if you have any questions or aren’t sure what you’re looking for, give us a shout here at the shop and stop by.