We like to carry lots of gear when we fish; big fly boxes, fluorocarbon, cameras, lenses, extra batteries, and SD cards are expensive, and usually aren’t the only things that we have out there. Having a good waterproof backpack is paramount to keep your investments safe.

Enter the Fishpond Thunderhead Backpack – for the last year, we’ve all been using these submersible packs for everything from fishing to travel through airports and overnight trips. Made with a coated recycled nylon, these backpacks have one large opening with a pocket in the back of the compartment. A heavy-duty waterproof zipper provides the bag with the ability to be dunked entirely under the water without taking on any. A hip strap helps stabilize heavy loads. Two mounts for Fishpond accessories (quickshot rod holder, gear straps, water bottle holders, etc.) are on each side of the backpack. These bags are available in two colors – Yucca and Cutthroat Orange.

What you need to know about all of this: these backpacks are legitimately waterproof and submersible. They have enough room for a couple of days of fishing if push comes to shove, and will protect your gear without compromise. Not to mention, they make great fishing packs with the addition of a Fishpond chest pack (including the new Thunderhead chest pack, available 2019) that can attach to the built in buckles. If you carry a camera, pack in, or are going on an excursion, this is your bag.