The Original Game Changer by Blane Chocklett turned a lot of heads when it was introduced into the fly fishing world. A fly that looked more at home on a bait caster than a fly rod, the Original Game changer was and still is a great fly. However anyone who has fished a game changer would call it easy to cast and that’s where the world of Game Changer spin offs came in to play. The feathered game changer became a favorite for its movement and easiness to cast, however the feathers can be hard to source and tying them takes a lot of time sizing and wrapping multiple hen hackles on each shank. As a result the Foxy Game Changer has been my go to when I’m looking to tie a slightly overly complicated fly. The Foxy Game Changer uses a synthetic hackle on the rear of each shank to build space and add flash and Arctic Fox in a dubbing loop on the front of each shank to build the profile of the fly. These flies are durable, move a ton, are slightly less complicated than the feathered game changer, and are super easy to cast. Try some out and let us know what you think!