Join us in welcoming our new Field Staff member, Scott Thompson!

“In my 20’s, the decision of what adventure to embark on was narrowed down to Colorado or culinary school. Moving to Colorado won. As much as I love cooking, my passion for the outdoors was even stronger. I moved out to Vail in the fall of 1992, not realizing at the time that the course of my life would be changed forever. Backpacking, climbing, and skiing had long been pursuits I was passionate about, but it wasn’t until I took a job at a guest ranch that offered fly fishing pack trips that my love for fishing really took off. Being in the heart of the Rockies, miles away from civilization and fishing virtually untouched streams has a way of sticking with you. At the same time, the spark that was initially lit by playing music with my father was ignited into a five alarm desire to become a singer-songwriter. I reluctantly left the mountains to follow that dream. But I never forgot the fish. Over the past 27 years I’ve made my living writing and performing songs across this country with a few stops in Europe. I would route my tour stops around great rivers I wanted to fish. Many nights I’ve left the stage and headed to a campground along the Beaverkill, Colorado, Frying Pan, or Farmington and slid into my sleeping bag with my ears still ringing and thoughts of rising trout carrying me off to sleep. The first thing I look for after finding a great river is the local fly shop. A great fly shop is so much more than just a place to buy gear and load up on flies. It’s a direct connection to their home water, their expertise, and their stories. It’s an honor to be a member of the Cohutta Field Staff and I look forward to sharing some of my experiences with you through photo essays and stories from trips both future and past. I’ll also be putting together some playlists you can download for your next trip to that secret spot. Rock on and fish on!” – Scott