15 01, 2020

Fishing Report 1/15/20


We're still getting rain and will continue through to Saturday on and off, so most of the water is going to be higher and potentially off color through the weekend. Don't let this keep you

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9 01, 2020

Fishing Report 1/9/20


The Toccoa Tailwater is fishing well, outside of the generation schedule. We've been focusing on streamers lately, hunting for those larger browns that live in the river - try 6-8 weights with floating and intermediate/sinktip fly

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4 01, 2020

Fishing Report 1/4/20


Happy New Year! This is the first fishing report of the year for us, as we took a little break for the holidays. We're anticipating another busy year at both shops and with our guide

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19 12, 2019

Fishing Report 12/19/19


The Etowah River was fishing well before the torrential downpour earlier this week. If the creeks clear up by the end of the week and generation allows, this would be a great option this weekend. Water

Fishing Report 12/19/192019-12-19T16:05:03+00:00
12 12, 2019

Fishing Report 12/12/2019


The Toccoa Tailwater is fishing well. Rain from earlier this week blew out the river for a couple of days, but things should be returning to normal. Don't let adverse weather conditions deter your fishing and

Fishing Report 12/12/20192019-12-12T16:29:22+00:00
6 12, 2019

Fishing Report 12/6/2019


The Toccoa Tailwater is fishing well. We're focusing on subsurface presentations right now - nymphs imitating stoneflies, caddis, midges, and blue-winged 0lives like tungsten split case BWOs, Thrift Shop Caddis, Pat's Rubber Legs, Holy Grails,

Fishing Report 12/6/20192019-12-06T13:08:27+00:00
27 11, 2019

Holiday Gift Guide


Shopping for the outdoorsman and sportsman is hard. We're all very particular in what we like, and it seems like we've already got everything. To make things a little easier on you this holiday season,

Holiday Gift Guide2019-11-27T14:18:20+00:00
21 11, 2019

Fishing Report 11/21/19


The current forecast for this weekend is projecting 90-100% rain starting in the late afternoon Friday through the evening Saturday. Be mindful of rain if you plan on getting out - wet and cold do

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16 11, 2019

Fishing Report 11/16/19


The Toccoa Tailwater is fishing well! This time of year, I like to focus on subsurface presentations, but we've been seeing some smaller caddis and Blue Winged Olives, so bring along some dry flies with you.

Fishing Report 11/16/192019-11-16T11:34:47+00:00