15 08, 2019

Fishing Report 8/15/2019


Not much has changed this week compared to last week so if we sound like a broken record there's a reason. Not much will change until we get a break in the warm weather but

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8 08, 2019

Fishing Report 8/8/19


The Etowah River is fishing well - the bass bite is fantastic right now. We like to throw Boogle Bugs on 5 and 6 weights this time of year, but will also break out the

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1 08, 2019

Fishing Report 8/1/2019


The Etowah River is still fishing well - we're on the back end of the striper season right now. We should have fish through the month, but the bite will slowly decline into September. The

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25 07, 2019

Fishing Report 7/25/19


The Etowah River should clear enough to have decent visibility by the weekend, but the heavy rain from this past weekend is still lingering. The predicted forecast for the next 7 days shows little to

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27 06, 2019

Fishing Report 6/27/19


The Etowah River should fish well this weekend. The water is still a good color despite this week's rain, and the 7 day forecast is showing very little precipitation. I would probably bring a 5

Fishing Report 6/27/192019-06-27T12:04:30+00:00
20 06, 2019

Fishing Report 7/20/19


Etowah River: The popper bite for bass is on! Boogle Bugs in Olive, Yellow, Chartreuse, and Fire Frog will all produce well, but all of us at the shop have our own favorite color. Use

Fishing Report 7/20/192019-06-20T18:03:08+00:00
13 06, 2019

Fishing Report 6/13/19


The Etowah River has been a little off color from the rains this past week but should be back to normal this weekend. If you're looking to bass fish, the popper bite should be good

Fishing Report 6/13/192019-06-13T13:03:32+00:00
7 06, 2019

Fishing Report 6/7/2019


The Etowah River is fishing well - striped bass are beginning to show up in the river, so having a couple bigger rods like 9 weights rigged up with tropical-core sinking and floating lines is

Fishing Report 6/7/20192019-06-07T10:48:18+00:00
30 05, 2019

Fishing Report 5/30/2019


The Etowah River is fishing well. The bass bite is fantastic right now - warmer water temperatures mean topwater fishing; boogle bugs with small crawfish (pat's rubber legs, Joe's crayfish jig) and baitfish droppers (small

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