Fly Fishing Blue Ridge Trout Fishing

Our New Shop is located at 490 East Main Street, Blue Ridge Ga, Blue Ridge is the premier fly fishing destination of Georgia. The Town of Blue Ridge sits nestled in the mountains about an hour and a half North of Atlanta and is a fisherman’s paradise. With wonderful streams like the Toccoa River, Rock Creek, Coopers Creek, and beautiful mountain lakes there are a whole host of fishing opportunities close by! Come by our Blue Ridge location and book a Guided Fly Fishing trip or let our friendly staff help you find what you need to be successful on the water.

Toccoa River

The Toccoa River Begins in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Suches Georgia, and flows North into Tennessee. There can be some confusion since the river flows South to North but we divide the river up into two main sections, the Upper Toccoa, located South of Blue Ridge, flowing into lake Blue Ridge, and the Lower Toccoa, Located north of Blue Ridge, flowing out of Blue Ridge Dam into the town of McCaysville.

The Upper Toccoa is a free flowing river and is not controlled by dams, as such the flows vary depending on rain. Fishing on the Upper Toccoa can be very good, especially in the cooler months Fall through Spring. There is a special regulation section from Sandy Bottom Canoe Launch to Shallowford Bridge that is heavily stocked from November to April and is Catch and release only during those months. The Upper Toccoa is accessible via Aska Road and there are public pull offs as well as a peppering of private property along the whole length of the river, if you are unsure whether you are on public land it’s better to air on the side of caution!

The Lower Toccoa or the Tailwater of the Toccoa, comes out of Lake Blue Ridge and begins at Blue Ridge Dam. Since this section is a Tailwater the flows are variable and depend on what the TVA releases through the dam on a daily basis. The TVA generation schedule should be consulted before planning any trips on the Lower Toccoa, any generation means that the river will be unfishable for wade fishing. If you have any questions on the Toccoa Generation Schedule just call the shop, we will point you in the right direction. Fishing on the lower Toccoa stays more consistent through the warmer months due to the cold water coming from Blue Ridge Dam, so if you are planning a summertime fishing trip, the Lower might be a better bet. There are Stocked and Wild trout on the Toccoa so be sure to practice catch and release when fishing the Lower Toccoa.

Small Streams

 Rock Creek

Rock Creek is a small stream located about 45 min outside Blue Ridge on National Forest land, and the Chattahoochee Forest National Fish hatchery is located on Rock Creek. Though Rock Creek is a small stream but is open enough for fly fishing or spin fishing and is heavily stocked. Rock Creek is easily accessed via Rock Creek road which runs the whole length of the stream. Rock Creek is worth visiting as much for the Hatchery as for the fishing opportunities in the stream.

Cooper’s Creek

Coopers Creek is a medium sized stream located on National Forest also about 45 min outside of Blue Ridge, Coopers is also heavily stocked during the spring and summer and is easily accessible via Coopers Creek Road. Fly Fishing for trout on Coopers is best during the Fall Through Spring but can be slow in the heat of summer. Coopers is easily accessible via Coopers Creek Rd but there are also places to get off the beaten path and get away from the crowds. Coopers also has Stocked and Wild fish present so be sure to Practice catch and release on Wild Trout.