Blue Ridge, Georgia

Places to Fish

The Toccoa River: If you’re interested in fly fishing the area, this river and its tributaries are the places to be. We classify the Toccoa by two sections:

  • Upper Toccoa: this stretch of the Toccoa flows north out of the Chattahoochee National Forest and eventually into Lake Blue Ridge. There is a seasonal “Delayed Harvest” from November to May that is fantastic for the fly angler, as it is catch and release, artifical only during this time. As the Summer heats up, trout fishing this portion of river is limited to the upper reaches and tributary streams until water and air temperatures cool in the Fall.
  • Toccoa “Tailwater:” This is the stretch of river that flows out of the bottom of the dam at Lake Blue Ridge, eventually heading north to Copperhill, Tennessee where the river changes names to the Ocoee River. This stretch permits fantastic year-round trout fishing due to the cold water that flows out of the bottom of the lake.

Rock Creek: This creek is a tributary of the Toccoa River, and is adjacent to the Chattahoochee National Fish Hatchery.

While there are many, many more places to fish in the Trout Capital of Georgia, we like to let you find these places on your own! Some of the best trout fishing in the state is found off the beaten path, so grab a topo map from us at the shop and break out the hiking shoes!

Around Blue Ridge

Food and Drink: These are places we love to eat, and some of these places are owned and operated by friends of ours; if you go to one of these restaurants, tell them we sent you!

Places to Check Out/Things to Do: