The Angler’s Holiday Gift Guide

Having a tough time finding the perfect gift for the angler in your life? We've picked out a few unique and essential items that will put a smile on any fisherman's face. For the wading angler: Hatch Outdoors Nippers $100 - The end-all, be-all line cutters. These nippers are made in the USA, cut through line like butter, and will provide a lifetime of service. The included lanyard also keeps these bomb-proof nippers close at all times. Simms Coldweather Pant $99.95 - The perfect under-wader pant, these toasty fleece lined pants are breathable and have an adjustable Velcro strap to prevent bunching at the ankle. Farm-to-Feet Ansonville Wader Socks $25.00 - 100% made in the USA,

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Fishing Report- December 3rd

Toccoa Tailwater- The Tailwater has been hit or miss lately, big fish are being caught this time of year but you need the right conditions to coax them into eating. If the stars align and you get a nice overcast day try throwing streamers- Sex Dungeons, Sparkle minnows, and Peanut Envys are a few good choices. If the fish aren't chasing streamers then try nymphing your favorite runs with a Black or Brown stonefly like a Pat's Rubberlegs or a Tung Stone size 8-10 with a Hare's Ear or Soft Spot Jig size 16 below. If you see some rising fish this time of year it will most likely be to Midges and BWOs- for these

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Gear Review: Fishpond Thunderhead Backpack

We like to carry lots of gear when we fish; big fly boxes, fluorocarbon, cameras, lenses, extra batteries, and SD cards are expensive, and usually aren't the only things that we have out there. Having a good waterproof backpack is paramount to keep your investments safe. Enter the Fishpond Thunderhead Backpack - for the last year, we've all been using these submersible packs for everything from fishing to travel through airports and overnight trips. Made with a coated recycled nylon, these backpacks have one large opening with a pocket in the back of the compartment. A heavy-duty waterproof zipper provides the bag with the ability to be dunked entirely under the water without taking on

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Etowah River Fishing Report 9/17/2018

The popper fishing is really starting to heat up on the Etowah. Water temps are still high but the water has cleared up significantly in the past few weeks and the fish are looking up! Green Boogle Bugs and Solitude poppers fished slowly or dead drifted have been a good bet for finding bass. Streamer fishing remains strong and the smaller stuff seems to be producing the best fish, Kreelexs and Sparkle Minnows are the go to patterns right now but I'm sure clousers, sex dungeons, and the like would all be a good bet as well. With the pleasure boat traffic starting to die down and the weather cooling off its the perfect time to

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The Importance of Having a Good Time

For our annual staff trip this year, we closed the shop for a couple of days and loaded up Andy’s truck with rods and duffle bags and beer; Cartersville was in the rearview, boat in tow. To I-75, gas station fried chicken, I-16, then past the Chevron gas station/petting zoo, to Savannah and then the Golden Isles - we arrived at Captain Rob Aldridge’s house to rig up leaders and park Andy’s boat.  The next day, we arrived at the marina at high tide. Twelve weights and heavy spinning rods were on the menu - hoping to coax a Silver King out of thousands of Pogies, we ran along the beaches of the barrier islands and

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Etowah River Fishing Report 9/3/2018

Striper Fishing is pretty much done until the water temps drop. Temps are spiking up into the low 80s at the dam and fish are in survival mode right now so we do not suggest fishing for them until water comes back down into the 70s. Bass Fishing on the other hand is doing well and fish can be caught on a variety of techniques. Popper fishing has been good with some quality fish being caught on Boogle Bugs. Fire Frog has been the go to color but Mossy Green is a close second for Spotted bass and Redeyes seem to prefer Solar Flare. Subsurface flies like large Wooly Buggers, Sex Dungeons, Sparkle Minnows, and Clousers

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