Fishing Report 2/14

The Blue Ridge Area fishing report courtesy of our outfitting partner, Fly Fishing North Georgia. The Toccoa Tailwater has finally decreased the amount of water spilling over the lake from 1700cfs to 250cfs until further notice. As of Wednesday, the Tailwater was also generating from 8:00am-9:00pm, so not much was happening on the water as far as wading goes. However, streamer fishing has been excellent with all the high water. Streamers in white and tan have been doing exceptionally well this past week. Looking ahead, it's predicted that there will be some break in between generation, so you might be able to get out there his week on the Tailwater and actually be able to wade. The

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Fishing Report 2/7

The Blue Ridge Area fishing report courtesy of our outfitting partner, Fly Fishing North Georgia. The Toccoa Tailwater is still spilling water at 1700cfs with no end in sight. Wade Fishing is definitely not an option; however, you can still float the water. With the deep water, you'll want to do some streamer fishing in order to draw fish out of cover and eat. With the warmer weather from last week, there has been some hatch activity. Last week, FFNG guide Will Hickman witnessed a nice black caddis hatch; however, the water is so high and the current so fast that there wasn't much topwater action. Looking ahead, it looks like the Tailwater will continue to spill

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Targeting Trout in Small Water

With all the rain we've had pushing through lately, small creeks have been one of the few refuges for anglers to get on the water. Small creeks can be intimidating for the angler that fishes bigger water and provide a technical challenge to the more experienced angler. These creeks require different approaches and techniques in order to be successful. On the move: I fish creeks by working my way upstream. This allows me to cover more water and put my flies in front of fresh fish. Don't spend too much time in one spot, as you're only going to get so many casts in before you've fished a section of creek thoroughly. Walk softly: I take the

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Fishing Report 1/24

This week's Fishing report is brought to you by Fly Fishing North Georgia, our Blue Ridge Outfitting Partner. The Toccoa River Tailwater this past weekend was spilling water at 200cfs; however, as of Tuesday, they have resorted back to spilling at 1400cfs. With the high water, I'd recommend throwing some streamer patterns in order to hopefully get a trout to chase. With rain only predicted to hit Wednesday, the Tennessee Valley Authority does predict to spill water at 250cfs on Friday. Unless, you know the wadeable spots of the Tailwater, it will still be tough wading conditions; however, if they keep lowering it, there might be a chance to fish the Tailwater this weekend. The Delayed Harvest section

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Staying Warm.

Some of you may have noticed the influx of big brown trout pictures that have shown up on instagram within the last couple of weeks. While the conditions as of late have been less than favorable for the angler, the fish are eating. If you've gotten fired up about chasing after these big browns, winter fishing requires proper gear: layering correctly will make or break a day on the water. Gloves and beanies, wool socks, and a good base layer of breathable synthetic or wool followed by a fleece or synthetic down midlayer provides both warmth and keeps sweat wicked away. Cotton base layers are less than ideal because they absorb moisture and hold it in

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Fishing Report 1/17

The Etowah is still cold, dirty, and high, and the conditions for the next week don't look very promising. Until we get some lower flows and better water temperatures, the Etowah is going to be tough. We don't recommend getting on the river during generation. Not much has changed in Blue Ridge from the last week: the Toccoa Tailwater section is now sluicing at 1600 cfs until further notice, so wade fishing will be a bust until this changes. The Toccoa Delayed Harvest as of today is at 781 cfs and falling. The forecast in Blue Ridge for this week is calling for a couple of days of rain, falling temperatures, and potentially snow showers, so

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