Fishing Report 5/22/19

The Etowah River has been clearing up and fishable, when generation allows. Now that the water temperatures are peaking out in the high 60's, the bass topwater bite should be getting good. Try Boogle Bugs, Pole Dancers, and Gurglers. Don't be afraid to tie on a dropper from the popper - Pat's Rubber Legs, Kraft's Clawdad, and other smaller crawfish and hellgrammite patterns work great for this system. If they aren't on topwater bugs, streamers like Clousers, Sparkle Minnows, and Craw/Tan Colored Dungeons should get' em. The Stripers are almost here, so stock up on some bigger baitfish patterns. Call us at the shop if you have any questions regarding flies and equipment. The Blue Ridge

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Fishing Report 5/16/2019

The Etowah River is clear and fishing great! May is one of the best times to be on the Etowah with a mixed bag of fish being caught. Large spotted bass are being found on a variety of methods, streamer fishing with small to medium flies like Clousers are working well and we are starting to see a good topwater bite as well. Boogle Bugs are the topwater of choice but gurglers and pole dancers will work also, try a mouse pattern if all else fails. Striped Bass are still few and far between, small fish continue to be caught mixed in with White Bass and Spotted bass and are making up a majority of the fish

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Fishing Report 5/9/19

The Etowah River below Allatoona Dam is still off color coming out of the dam. Streamer fishing for bass should be very good - fish colors that are very visible in dirty water. Flashy patterns like Kreelex's and Sparkle Minnows have been a good choice. Small Flashtail Whistlers in Pink/White, Clouser Minnows and Decievers in Chartreuse/White, Blurple Umpqua Baitfish (black and purple), and Crawfish-Colored Dungeons are all working well. For those of you that conventional fish, we just received a fresh shipment of tackle last week in Cartersville. Shaky heads and flukes are always a winner on the river. If you haven't checked your striper setup for this year, it's time to blow off the dust

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Fishing Report 5/2/2019

The Etowah River below Allatoona Dam is currently off-color coming out of the dam. Don't let the color scare you off - there is enough visibility to fish if you're willing to work a little harder. Water temperatures are holding in the low to mid 60's, so bass will be active. Streamers like Flashtail Whistlers and Clouser minnows in Pink/White, Chartreuse/White, and Black/Purple will all produce right now. Also try Kreelex's in Gold/Copper/Silver and Sparkle Minnows in Gold and Silver, Schmidterbaits, and Cowen's Coyotes. Light rain is predicted throughout the forecast this weekend, so it is likely that the water will remain off colored and generation will continue through next week. We aren't far from striper

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Bassapalooza Map!

If you aren't familiar, Bassapalooza is a Bass Fly Fishing Tournament that we host on the banks of the Etowah in Cartersville every year for the past 4 years. There are a few rules for the tournament and if you aren't sure then check out the previous blog post, we have them all posted there. This year we have upped the ante, we are having a pre party Friday night on the river with music by Rollin In The Hay, beer from Sweetwater Brewing, and all at a little spot on the river called The Gravel Bar where anglers can camp after the festivities. Every year people ask about what water is in bounds and what

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Fishing Report 4/25/2019

The Etowah River is fishing well with a mixed bag of Spotted Bass, White Bass, and other assorted smaller game fish. The larger spawning fish have not shown up yet but the run should not be far off now.  The lakes and streams are all still high from the recent rain and the main river is stained but fishable (hopefully the rain tonight and tomorrow will not stain it any more than it already is). As the waters clears fishing should only improve. Water temps are already in the mid 60s so topwater flies like Gurglers and Boogle Bugs are not out of the question but the topwater bite should improve if the water warms a

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