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Bassapalooza 2018

It's that time again! The best Bass Tournament around, the 4th Annual Southern Bassapalooza on the fly returns June 16th! The rules and registration are below,  email Conner- with questions or to submit your registration form. Make checks out to Cohutta Fishing Company. Southern Bassapalooza on the Fly 2018 Rules June 16th, 2018 Registration Deadline is May 1st, 2018- Entry Fee is $200 per team Registration Packet must be picked up at Cohutta Fishing Company from 9:00 – 6:00 on Friday June 15th Awards, Post Party, and Camping will be held at Floyds Landing on the Etowah River Cartersville, GA Camping is $10.00 / night / team Catch and Release only, all fish must be

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Foxy Game Changer

The Original Game Changer by Blane Chocklett turned a lot of heads when it was introduced into the fly fishing world. A fly that looked more at home on a bait caster than a fly rod, the Original Game changer was and still is a great fly. However anyone who has fished a game changer would call it easy to cast and that's where the world of Game Changer spin offs came in to play. The feathered game changer became a favorite for its movement and easiness to cast, however the feathers can be hard to source and tying them takes a lot of time sizing and wrapping multiple hen hackles on each shank. As a

Early Spring River Bassing

Late winter to early spring can be a magical time of year to be on the water here in the South. The arrival of longer days and warmer temperatures bring on the much needed thaw from the doldrums of winter. Cabin fever has peaked and folks are ready to gear up and get on the trout streams to take advantage of the early spring hatches that show us some fantastic fishing. If you are one of the more dedicated winter anglers you probably start seeing an influx of cars and boat trailers at the parking areas of your favorite trout water. This shouldn’t discourage you too much, there is still plenty of water and fish to

Sightfishing Tips

1. Go Slow This cannot be overstated. The easiest fish to see is the one you just spooked. As the fish bolts you will inevitably ask yourself “why was I in such a rush?” Go slow, start at the tail of the pool and work your way to the head. Be Methodical. 2. Look for Motion It’s amazing how little motion it takes for a trout to keep its place in the current. However, these small movements are sometimes all it takes to give away a fish’s location. Look for unnatural movement like the side to side pulse of a tail or the telltale white of an opening mouth. Remember trout will always face into the

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